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Architects and developers are constantly searching for new affordable and distinctive products enabling them to combine high durability, special product design, and outstanding creative potentials. In order to achieve this, Aluminium & Light Industries Co. (ALICO) LLC offers you its new range of products.  

Our approach to design is closely linked to the process of innovation. Intelligent design is fundamental to new product development, helping us meet architects and developers requirements and aspirations. Our designs also incorporate the latest technologies to deliver the functional, technical, aesthetic, environmental and economic specifications for the system. 

 We are committed to developing products that facilitate fabrication and installation to further improve quality, and to meet occupiers’ requirements for performance over time.  

The main goal of developing this system is to bring all the architectural, technical, and aesthetic features together into one compact result. With its design and spatial quality, the ALWD 65 & ALS95 systems are equivalent to other good international systems in the market, and meets all the needs of contemporary architecture without concessions. 

Visual and performance quality are very important in today’s world. The aesthetic and visual appearance of the system has been verified by way of many quality inspections of visual mock-ups. The performance of the system was overly tested in house and in third party testing laboratory, in terms of air and water penetration, and structural stability, ending up in a reliable, and sustainable product.  ALICO also has its own in-house testing facilities, which allow us to assess the weather tightness, wind resistance and durability of each product.  The Tests results have shown that our system has exceeded the required standards, which allows greater design flexibility for architects and grants further reassurance of quality for developers and building occupiers. 


A variety of doors and windows systems is available, and can be offered with the following benefits and features:

  • Guaranteed system with fully compatible components
  • Thermally broken system with polyamide insulators, with excellent thermal insulation
  • High quality EPDM glazing gaskets to comply with relevant standards
  • Wide range of fitting types to meet architectural requirements
  • Varity in profiles sizes with minimal basic depths and narrow face widths allow suitability for use on small, medium, and large projects, meeting different load requirements
  • Tested and certified project in accordance with European norms
  • Variety in beading profiles allows use of different glass thickness
  • Attractive appearance with proven robust technology
  • Highly stable fittings that provide security of opening and closing functions
  • Handles and hinges are available in silver anodized finish, stainless steel, or coated to any RAL color
  • Concealed Hardware

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