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Test Center

Since. 1976


Alico established an in-house curtain wall test rig (made by K.Schulten Fenstertechnik), first of its kind in this region in the year 1992. Later in 2013, we constructed a new test rig at industrial area 13. It has capacity to accommodate mock ups up to 10.5 meters height and 6 meters wide. There is facility for installing and testing Inside/outside corner panels. The blower has ability to build up pressure up to 8000 Pascal. This test facility is extensively used for testing custom made products and in-house development of curtain wall, sliding & hinge doors and window systems.

We carry out the following performance tests.

  • Air Infiltration/ Exfiltration as per CWCT and ASTM E 283 – 04
  • Static Water Penetration as per CWCT and ASTM E 331-00
  • Structural Service Ability Test as per CWCT and ASTM E 330
  • Structural Safety Test( 150%) as per CWCT and ASTM E 330