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Alico Node System introduced a modern, clean, and aesthetic building envelope technique in the fa├žade industry. The concept is to connect a square or rectangular hollow steel section mechanically in a three-spatial grid. It also provides the ability to connect cladding panels or glazing units directly to main structural members. This system is suitable for free-form geometries.

System Components & Applications

1. Nodes are from CNC machined steel, galvanized and painted
2. Structural members are high strength rectangular sections.
3. Nodes and members are typically galvanized with powder coated finish
4. Fixing bolts are hidden and concealed.


1. Single layer structures.
2. Normally used for regular and non-planar geometrical form of structure such as domes and vaults.
3. Designed to achieve quiet angular changes in surface planes
4. Used where external envelopes require support along their edges.

System Attributes:

1. Aesthetically designed and engineered using modern technology.
2. Nodes are costumed machined for tight tolerance.
3. Bolts are hidden.
4. Requires no secondary steelworks.
5. Engineered for a free span structure in a semi-rigid connection.
6. Designed for greater spanning capability.
7. Designed to integrate with ALICO facade system.
8. Glass can be fixed directly on the steel without sub-frame.

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